Rain-Forest Baby Booties


  • Rain-Forest Baby Booties hand dyed and hand made in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Made with 100% untreated Merino Wool, and up-cycled sheepskin.
  • No dragging laces. The cotton draw string is only long enough for single secure tie, not a double knot bow.
  • Each pair comes with a care card and cotton bag for storage.
  • Available in two sizes.


My Rain-Forest Baby Booties are handmade with 100% untreated Merino Wool, and up-cycled sheepskin bases. This exquisite baby footwear is crocheted with local yarn, spun in Atlantic Canada and hand-dyed in Nova Scotia.

Why put booties on little ones if they won’t stay on? Many examples of handmade footwear don’t. After trial and error the flat cotton draw strings selected led the length to security challenge. They tie more strongly with a moderate length unlike round cords which need a double knot for security.

Wool is easy to look after. Why not make this even easier? Therefore, each pair comes with a comprehensive care card and a handy cotton bag for storage.

Footwear isn’t one size fits all. Consequently these Baby Booties are available in two sizes to¬† fit most young babies.

These cozy handcrafted Rain-Forest Baby Booties will make beautiful gift for the newest family addition!


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100% Hand-dyed Merino Wool

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